Westvision Gallery of Cynthia West

While all painting strives to share the artist's vision with the viewer, Cynthia West asks you to enter into a larger spiritual dialogue. The focus of her work is humanity's relationship to the sacred. Her subject matter is inextricably tied to the earth, through depictions of both indiginous ceremonies and the juxtaposition of geometry to landscape.

Her paintings, like her gardens, invigorate and heal. She receives inspiration as she plants seeds, waters, and weeds. Decades of formal study bloom into myriad art forms.

After attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Cynthia West was drawn to Santa Fe in 1966, to learn how to pray with Native Americans. Her family of husband and children grew to include many others who were attracted to her intuitive relationship with the land.

For nineteen years an upstairs studio on the plaza provided the solitude she required to paint her visions. She had many exhibitions in local as well as international galleries.Collecters from all over the world visited her room overlooking the La Fonda Hotel. She never stopped studying and refining her technique.

When the toxicity of oils forced her to leave painting, she sought out new channels of expression. She became accomplished in photography, digital painting, pottery, book arts, dream work, and poetry. To her they are all one art: the art of life.


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